Our research objective is to address global-scale challenges pertaining to energy, environment, and health. We work at the cross-roads of surface science, fluid and thermal transport, and interfacial interactions.

The focus of our research group is to use the understanding of micro-scale phenomena to devise solutions for areas related to thermal management, biomedicine, and fouling.

Pool boiling DI water



Dec 2019: Datta Prasad presented paper at International Heat and Mass Transfer conference at Roorkee, India

Nov 2019: Dr. Dash presented paper at APS DFD conference in Seattle USA

Aug 2019: Deekshith and Nabajit join MTERL. Welcome!

Jan 2019: Afsal CP and Kartik Jain join our group. Welcome!

Sept 2018: Dr. Dash delivered an invited talk at the International conference on Advanced Ceramics and Nano Materials for Sustainable Development (ACeND 2018)

Sept 2018: Our paper on photothermal deicing got published in Science Advances

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Trap to remove ice from wind turbines, airplanes

A new material harnesses light to deice surfaces

A new way to remove ice buildup without power or chemicals

Aug 2018: Akshay Sharma and Pranjal Agrawal join the lab as PhD students. Welcome!

July 2018: Haritha Naidu joins the lab as a project assistant. Welcome!

Jan 2018: Datta Prasad joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome!


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